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Welcome to Onlineconsultayurveda, a website for consulting the Ayurvedic practitioner and take ayurvedic solutions for health problems, on line.

Ayurveda is increasingly getting popular across Europe, United States and Canada. There are many Government web sites and Associations related to Ayurveda where authentic information on History, Principles of Ayurveda is published. There are few Ayurvedic research/Data base sites on Ayurvedic products. We have given few such important links, to enable you visit those sites and understand basics of Ayurveda and its underlying principles.

Based in Calgary, Health Equations Ayurvedic Ltd(HEAL) provides online services for those seeking Natural health solutions. If you are based in Calgary or frequent Calgary, you can visit us with prior appointment and get traditional, authentic Ayurvedic treatment for health and wellness.

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